Monday, September 22, 2014


In the smile of a centenarian
neighbor; in an '80s journal by
Henri Nouwen; at Mass, of course;
in the valued advice, in the sagely
compassionate listening,
of two esteemed counsellors;

in my dyssomnia that gives me time
to read, to think, to pray
during the quietest hours of the night;
and yes, not quite ecstatically,
in the laundry room amid
the socks and the boxers:
in all these places and times,
and in many more, to be sure,
I have found evidence of God.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rooney's Revenge

For school, our Ferris cares not half a jot.
To cherish youth, one must not read, but live!
The truant Mr Bueller answers not
His teacher's repetitious vocative.

With Sloane and Cameron, he shall roam the city
Enjoying his day off, free as a lark:
Poor Cameron's uptight, but Sloane is pretty.
Museum, restaurant, and baseball park

Will all be visited by our feckless crew.
They'll ride in a Ferrari really fast!
They'll do things most of us won't dare to do;
They'll dodge the grown-ups and they'll have a blast.

Invidious Principal Rooney, foiled once more
In his attempt to nab the mischievous one,
Will amble home dispirited and sore,
A fitting fate for one opposed to fun.

But even for Ferris, youth so quickly passes:
He'll work from nine to five; he'll feel the pain
Of aching bones; he'll need his reading glasses;
He'll trade in "Twist and Shout" for "Danke Schoen."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Update: August

Hello, everyone! I haven't produced much in the way of new poetry lately, some stray three-liners, that's about it. I am working on a prose project, autobiographical: half memoir, half May Sartonesque diary. It occurs to me that, in my zeal for this new project, I have neglected the Tambourine! So I thought I'd give you folks an update to say, in short: All is well. And I'm keeping busy!

Addendum: The e-book I had been planning has at least temporarily been sidelined, due largely to my technological incompetence. But in other, perhaps happier, news: four of my self-published poembooks are now available through! (They are also obtainable via

I pledge to post new poetry soon, or perhaps revisions of older poems. Thank you all--you few, you happy few?--for your readership.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Note to readers

I have removed several recent poems from the blog, as I am preparing a manuscript for electronic publication, and do not want to appear to be violating my own copyright. Or something.

Wish me luck! And I shall let you folks know when or if the e-book becomes available!