Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The most impulsive thing I’ve ever done
Was not to spread some butter on a bun
Or steal a pencil from the Boardman School
Or break a strict pedantic grammar-rule
Or give a beggar a five-dollar bill
Or walk au naturel up Beacon Hill
Or swim in the Atlantic with the sharks
Or chase big dogs while mimicking their barks
Or scamper through the grass with manic squirrels
Or dress in Vera Wang with a string of purrels
Or send fan letters to Drew Barrymore
Or drink beer till it seeps from every pore
Or run the Boston Marathon (it's doable!)
Or swing at curveballs with a bat from Louisville
Or join in circles with my favorite Wiccan
Or flap my arms while clucking like a chicken.
My most impulsive deed, if truth be told?
Hell, I forgot. I must be getting old.

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