Monday, May 14, 2012

And flowers

April brings baseball, "Sweet Caroline," and flowers.
May gets drunk on the purple wine of flowers.

Springtime opens its parcel of blossoms and gifts:
Praise God for breezes, warmth divine, and flowers!

Thoroughfares are blithe with daffodils!
Violets, pansies, roses combine, O flowers!

We practice nepsis, eager expectation --
Waiting for rain and the first sweet sign of flowers.

"Keep off the grass," admonishes a placard;
Are there dogs and cats who like to dine on flowers?

In Fr McNichols' Madonna-and-Child icon,
Christ holds the modest columbine, blue flowers.

A ladybug, that spotted token of luck,
Creeps meekly among the green spines of flowers.

Oscar Wilde, esthete of the white lily,
Often sought the anodyne of flowers.

When can we forsake our occupations,
Roll in the lush green clover, recline in flowers?

The trellis outside this suburban demesne
Is graced with a long bright trailing vine of flowers.

Georgia O'Keeffe wrought massive canvases:
With labial petals, she'd design her flowers.

Romantic adolescents dreaming dreams:
Amid the city's rust, you pine for flowers.

Haters will hate, and lovers will love, true, true:
Bury this happy androgyne in flowers.

The sacristan adorns the orient chapel
With incense, icons Byzantine, and flowers.

Tom, with your sparse wit and your big old belly,
Surprise your buxom valentine with flowers!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

After midnight

It's summer, but I wake up with a chill.
Arlington's weather has changed after midnight.

Star-crossed sweethearts sneak past scowling kin:
A desperate tryst arranged after midnight.

Forgetfulness, brute lust, the pride of life:
Clear and present dangers after midnight.

Pay no attention to parental admonitions:
Speak to kindly strangers after midnight.

Bethlehem is the House of Bread. A babe
Rests in the hay of the manger after midnight.

Pagan damsels, sky-clad at the solstice,
Dance at bone-cold Stonehenge after midnight.

Silence, truly benedight! Upon thee
A loutish knave impinges after midnight.

The lunatic, the lover, and the poet
Can get slightly unhinged after midnight.

Sage, theorist, uncover a new conundrum
Whereby great minds are challenged after midnight.

Though your soul bear a dark and scarlet blotch,
Your sins shall be expunged after midnight.

Hans Himmel, golden-throated Salzburg tenor,
Explores his eight-octave range after midnight.

Johnny Heaven, '50s crooner, teen idol,
Wears a black hat like Dillinger's after midnight.

Dalí's tableaux of Gala, of clocks, of Christ:
Ils deviennent plus étranges après minuit.

O timorous Thomas, trembling in the dark!
Pray to your guardian angel after midnight.

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