Sunday, May 13, 2012

After midnight

It's summer, but I wake up with a chill.
Arlington's weather has changed after midnight.

Star-crossed sweethearts sneak past scowling kin:
A desperate tryst arranged after midnight.

Forgetfulness, brute lust, the pride of life:
Clear and present dangers after midnight.

Pay no attention to parental admonitions:
Speak to kindly strangers after midnight.

Bethlehem is the House of Bread. A babe
Rests in the hay of the manger after midnight.

Pagan damsels, sky-clad at the solstice,
Dance at bone-cold Stonehenge after midnight.

Silence, truly benedight! Upon thee
A loutish knave impinges after midnight.

The lunatic, the lover, and the poet
Can get slightly unhinged after midnight.

Sage, theorist, uncover a new conundrum
Whereby great minds are challenged after midnight.

Though your soul bear a dark and scarlet blotch,
Your sins shall be expunged after midnight.

Hans Himmel, golden-throated Salzburg tenor,
Explores his eight-octave range after midnight.

Johnny Heaven, '50s crooner, teen idol,
Wears a black hat like Dillinger's after midnight.

Dalí's tableaux of Gala, of clocks, of Christ:
Ils deviennent plus étranges après minuit.

O timorous Thomas, trembling in the dark!
Pray to your guardian angel after midnight.


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