Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer ghazal

We need the AC and the fan during the summer.
I'm not a happy man during the summer.

Coffee must be iced; wine must be chilled:
I drink cold beer if I can during the summer.

I do not go to the beach, but estivate;
I'm not one who gets tan during the summer.

Hot temperatures are not my prime delight:
It's "out of the frying pan" during the summer!

Poets and prosodists go bonkers from the heat!
They quite forget to scan during the summer.

Drivers roll down their windows, blare their music;
I'd like to have a hip-hop ban during the summer.

Let's have some '70s music instead, shall we?
Play the Eagles and Steely Dan during the summer!

One good thing.  It stays light late.  No worries
About a brief sun-span during the summer.

Tourists flock to Logan International Airport;
There's traffic in the Callahan during the summer.

Nature buffs go to rivers, to mountains, to lakes;
They pack stuff in their van during the summer.

It's cooler the farther north you go, I hear.
Let's visit Saskatchewan during the summer!

Maybe Alaska would be a neat place to see:
Escape from heat I plan during the summer.

Autumn brings harvest and fall foliage:
God completes what He began during the summer.

I remember the humid 10K Franconia Scramble
And all those races I ran during the summer.

O Thomas Edward, by the first of August,
You'll know how to withstand the long hot summer.

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