Monday, October 22, 2012

A Christmas Triptych: 1988


A song of smoke
      whirls from chimney
snowflakes alighting
      from darkened dome
      of bliss
onto cherishable

the turtle-dove
      seeks haven
      at the lyric
wanderlust of anxious
fiery surprises huddle
masked in red & green
spin yarn in corners
      of childhood reach

an angel whirls
      amid fairy-frail
      fractions of ice
which dance like a
      company of unstringed
heedless of gray gravity

midnight comes
as the jolly candle flickers
warning & warming
the coming of anointed
to every millennium
wise men bring stars
to face the desert chill


Precarious peace
lights vigilant lanterns
awaiting a rainbow's
in the clear holiday

a pleasant shock
enters the nerves
attired for lively

mountaintop prophets
hold gloved hands in
strict silence waiting
for valley-bells
      to wake the
      bustling hills
where elves make their
out of crystal suspense
& magic sand

a silver sound seeks
the entrance of diamond
the palaces of dream
where greed converts
      itself to giving
& anger into loving
& blood flows
      & sisterly through
veins into hope-pumping


      Exuberant frost
limited only by edgeless

candle-bulbs & wreathèd
fleeting carols sung to the
      wind in late salutation

cloud-apparel smoky
      breath wishes for
      new evening warmth
sugar-striped shivers
      white-beard lamppost

long walks through
      seasonable pine-groves
      to greet acquaintances
gathered by a generous
the music of gifts
& the jingle of chatter

sparrow mistletoe
loaves of fish & creels
      of Christmas bread
tinselled memories
handshake & embrace
achievement of December
a solstice of affection
& golden faith

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