Monday, October 1, 2012

On the Radio

In '79, Donna Summer's "On the Radio"
Appears -- and reappears! -- on the radio.

At ten years old, one can be affected by
The happy tunes one hears on the radio.

At twenty, we're all trying to be cool --
We're wise beyond our years. Oh, the radio!

At thirty and beyond, we grow nostalgic:
Remember Tears for Fears on the radio?

It's now 2012. I listen to jazz
Or neo-soul, switching gears on the radio.

Away with Justin Bieber and Rihanna!
Enough of these young dears on the radio!

Can't we have a channel for Gregorian chant?
Let's hear monastic choirs on the radio!

Enthusiasts for punk rock might prefer
The Buzzcocks or the Queers on the radio.

Hip-hop aficionados blast those rhymes
And hurt their neighbors' ears with the radio.

The bloviating buffoons of talk shows
Make lucrative careers on the radio

Eviscerating prominent politicians,
And shouting the crudest jeers on the radio.

It's better, perhaps, to listen to NPR:
No ads for K-Mart or Sears on the radio.

Oh, for the days of Shakespeare on the air,
Of Gielgud and his peers on the radio!

I'd stop, put everything down, call up my friends:
"Hey, did you know King Lear's on the radio?"

In the Venice of canals and cardinals,
They put operatic gondoliers on the radio!

Dance to the new day's music! Sing your heart out.
Let's hear it, Tommy: Three cheers for the radio!

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