Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Morning News

Do I need TV to tell me the morning news?
Should I buy a paper?  Sell me the morning news.

Old Captain Forward and Governor Weathervane
Trade quips, one-liners.  Spare me the morning news.

Harvard professors remake society
To suit their whim.  Scary, the morning news.

Innocence leaps in front of a deadly train
And mourners leave bouquets.  The morning news

Discourages the most hope-filled among us.
CNN replays the morning news.

Romantic poets, dreaming of Arcady,
How can you sweet souls stand the morning news?

Drone strikes, gas prices, church and state, gang rape:
Some twisted devil has planned the morning news.

Celebrity marriages end.  Hurricanes threaten.
Dormant volcanoes cough the morning news.

Coffee and the ticking kitchen clock--
Preserve your peace.  Turn off the morning news.

Atheists believe in Original Sin
After the strife and fright of the morning news.

Stand-up comedians wade in a sea of cash:
Crassly, they make light of the morning news.

The front page of the Globe: bullets and bullshit.
Each paragraph's a threat.  The morning news

Is not a breakfast I find to my taste.
Please teach me to forget the morning news!

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