Friday, November 16, 2012

Freestyle Ghazal

I shall play at poetry!  Wordy in the morning.
I shall brew the coffee at 3.30 in the morning!

I shall shower and get dressed, yea verily, forsooth
(Unless I want to be dirty in the morning)!

I shall banter with the lady neighbours over doughnuts;
I shall make them laugh! What, me flirty in the morning?

I shall contend with tendonopathy
And a slight backache, see? Hurty in the morning.

I shall tap out a sonata on the laptop keyboard:
Marvel at my proficiency! QWERTY in the morning!

Perhaps I shall repeat myself like old Miss Stein,
From here to infinity!  Gertie in the morning!

I shall impersonate a 19th-century poetess
Sipping (delicately) her tea in the morning.

It's chilly now, but the sun will make it warmer;
November foliage, ah! real "purty" in the morning.

MC Tommy Def, grand master of freestyle,
Are you anything but white and nerdy in the morning?

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Yes, every poet needs a Beatrice,
An angel hailed with an iambic kiss,

A spectral love lost in the mists of time,
A muse saluted with nostalgic rhyme,

A saintly soul with sweet compassionate eyes
Whom lovestruck sonneteers must canonize,

An icon greeted with a swinging thurible
Of lyric incense and longing incurable.

But if by chance his verse she could peruse,
She'd cringe to read his praises, so profuse!

She'd think, "Such terrible clich├ęs! Why can't he
Give it a rest? He's certainly no Dante!"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hart Crane

Your verse endures
Who swooned in waves before your lethal leap;
Drunk on the cadences of your forebears,
You show us riches that we cannot keep.

Poet of Brooklyn Bridge,
Hymnographer of the metropolis,
Wrecked over the edge
Of reason's vessel, lured by liquid bliss --

We dare not emulate
Your forays into the divine grotesque,
And yet we ask
A share in your song, dark and intricate.

Accept, we pray, our halting praise of you,
Deep drinker of astonishment and woe.

Thicket and Thorp

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