Friday, November 16, 2012

Freestyle Ghazal

I shall play at poetry!  Wordy in the morning.
I shall brew the coffee at 3.30 in the morning!

I shall shower and get dressed, yea verily, forsooth
(Unless I want to be dirty in the morning)!

I shall banter with the lady neighbours over doughnuts;
I shall make them laugh! What, me flirty in the morning?

I shall contend with tendonopathy
And a slight backache, see? Hurty in the morning.

I shall tap out a sonata on the laptop keyboard:
Marvel at my proficiency! QWERTY in the morning!

Perhaps I shall repeat myself like old Miss Stein,
From here to infinity!  Gertie in the morning!

I shall impersonate a 19th-century poetess
Sipping (delicately) her tea in the morning.

It's chilly now, but the sun will make it warmer;
November foliage, ah! real "purty" in the morning.

MC Tommy Def, grand master of freestyle,
Are you anything but white and nerdy in the morning?

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