Friday, November 8, 2013

Skeltonics for Auden

Wystan Auden,
Dry and sodden,
Grand and bawdy,
Classy, tawdry,
Simple, vexing,
Plain, perplexing,
Old-school trailblaze:
Strengthen our frail days!

For us please pray,
Dear W. H. A.;
We're making a mess
With great success;
We scar the planet
And quite unman it;
We've lost our grammar,
Now grunt and stammer.
Our decade's music
Surely makes you sick.
As for our poems,
Where shall we throw 'em?

O most sage ghost!
Silence our boast;
Temper our pride,
Rebuke the snide,
Reduce the cynic
To pretty panic.
Grant metanoia
To lush and lawyer,
And take from politicians
Delusions of omniscience.

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