Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Birds (after Poe)


Hear the singing of the birds--
Early birds!
Such a paradisal chanting without benefit of words!
How they twitter, twitter, twitter
In the minutes before dawn
Under setting stars that glitter--
How they preen and boast and flitter
From the treetops! On the lawn!
Spreading joy, joy, joy
To each girl and every boy--
Such a dulcet cantilation my sweet ears have never heard!
Of the bird, bird, bird, bird,
Bird, bird, bird--
The rejoicing in the voicing of the bird!


Hear the keening of the bird,
Mournful bird!
We imagine that with tiny tears its waking eyes are blurred.
With a lamentation tristful
To the gray and sombre day
As if pining, ever wistful,
For a mate so far away--
O, from out the restless leaves,
How it moans,
How it groans,
For the remembered past it grieves--
O, the crying and the sighing
Of the bird, bird, bird, bird,
Bird, bird, bird--
Yes, the weeping (never sleeping) of the bird!


Hear the cawing of the bird,
Raucous bird!
Compared to this great bird, all other birds are just absurd!
Not a sparrow, not a grackle,
Can compete with his brave cackle;
And the dour and dreadful raven
Is a puny squeaking craven
When confronted with the bluster
Of this heavyweight branch-buster,
Putting all the woodland creatures and their offspring on alert,
If you tangle with this wrangler of a bird, it's gonna hurt!
With a shriek, shriek, shriek,
He's a superbeak! Superbeak!
He can make you quake and quiver
In the forest, in the park,
After dark, dark, dark--
O, what angel can deliver
The unwary
From this scary
Bird, bird, bird,
Bird, bird, bird, bird--
From this frightful undelightful type of bird?


  1. Well, the last bird may be undelightful, but this poem definitely is delightful!

    1. Thank you, Elena! (Place happy emoticon here!)



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