Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Letter to a Poet

Your poems are windows
through which we can see
life in its common splendor,
its ramshackle oddity.

Your poems are photographs
of daily grace, of moments
when the things of earth
become sacraments of joy.

Your poems make music
in their austere silences,
in their monastic simplicity--
heart's health; soul's hope.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lunch in the Square

The waitress at Uno's Chicago Grill
on JFK in Cambridge: twenty-five?
funny and smart and smiling and alive!
We didn't forget her when we paid our bill.

She let us linger while we chatted sipping
black coffee as we customarily do
after French onion soup and pizza for two.
O blest receiver of our lavish tipping!

Wit and glad banter, lots of scrumptious food!
Friday the 13th bringing the best of luck!
We’ll head home on the bus toward four o’clock
carrying books and thoughts of gratitude.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Listen in hope for the music of definite starlight

Listen in charity to the cry of a wounded brother

Listen in joy to the dreams of a distant sister

Listen in faith to the silent song of the cloister

Listen in patience to the voice of a single leaf

Listen in humility to the scriptures of the river

Listen in awe to the deep expanse of the desert

Listen in sorrow to the agonies of the city

Listen in reverence to the dust of a country road

Listen in grace to the pulse within the stone

Listen in peace to the dance of the spinning planets

Listen in poverty to the rush of sudden rain

Listen in kindness to the holy slope of this mountain

Listen in purity to the consolation of the moon

Listen in mercy to the miracle of the sun

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