Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Listen in hope for the music of definite starlight

Listen in charity to the cry of a wounded brother

Listen in joy to the dreams of a distant sister

Listen in faith to the silent song of the cloister

Listen in patience to the voice of a single leaf

Listen in humility to the scriptures of the river

Listen in awe to the deep expanse of the desert

Listen in sorrow to the agonies of the city

Listen in reverence to the dust of a country road

Listen in grace to the pulse within the stone

Listen in peace to the dance of the spinning planets

Listen in poverty to the rush of sudden rain

Listen in kindness to the holy slope of this mountain

Listen in purity to the consolation of the moon

Listen in mercy to the miracle of the sun


  1. Wow. This speaks to my soul. Is it all right with you if I print it out just for my private use? I have a wall in my home where I tack up things I want to remember (like a bulletin board).

    1. Thank you, Elena--and of course, that would be fine.

    2. And may I add that your kind words about the poem have sweetened the last few minutes of an already very happy birthday?

    3. I'm glad! And happy (late) birthday!



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