Sunday, October 4, 2015

Where Are The Days

Where are the days
of Hart Crane and train-rides,
where are the nights
of wide and endless skies?

Where are the star tunnels
through cold October forests,
where are the flaming leaves
and the pretty girls' ghosts?

Where is the vigor and rage
of the slender obsessive teenager,
where is the hope and the trust
that tomorrow will be ecstatic?

Where are the silver yesterdays,
bright dimes on memory's asphalt?
Where has the purple room gone,
the eager poems of 1982?

All here is a fading Polaroid
kept between pages
of a long-neglected book,
stray scraps of newspaper
from late administrations,
the scrawl of rust upon the skies of morning.


  1. The images in this poem are gripping. Beautifully done.

    1. Thank you kindly, Elena; your praise means much! This is one of those poems that seem to have fallen into my lap ... I almost don't know where some of the images came from! But I think I was getting tired of my somewhat metronomically metered poems, and wanted to write something more flexible, both prosodically and "logically" -- again, thank you!



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