Friday, October 2, 2015

Head Over Heels

Niles chases Daphne with a bumbershoot;
Urkel offers Laura his bouquet of slapstick.
O goofy lovers of unrequitable ardor!
Opéra bouffe of abject infatuate clowns!

Dante wrote of sweet Beatrice, his blessing,
"Here is a deity greater than myself."
On VH-1 Classic, the singer from Tears for Fears
starts serenading the pretty librarian.

Morrissey wants the one that he can't have;
and Stephen Fry at age fourteen, verbose but
bold, pursues Matteo through the quadrangle.

Cole Porter's got someone deep in the heart of him.
And I, gobsmacked busker on St Patrick’s Day,
strum a mandolin as I dream of her smile.

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