Monday, February 15, 2016


I never leave the room
On crisp fall days
When squirrels scamper among the dead leaves of the promenade
And pumpkins squat stoutly on porches
Of Arlington's neat side streets

I never turn off the TV
I can’t pry myself away from Facebook
I never stop fretting about the state of the union
And indeed the state of the world

I never ask the pretty girl out
I never audition for community theatre
I never take guitar lessons or pottery classes
I never paint bright splotches of colour
Just for the fun of it

I never laugh at silly jokes
Or drink apple cider in October
Or make snow angels in the snow
Or dance around the maypole when flowers awaken
Or dive into the ocean fully clothed

I just sit here like a wart on a plug-ugly frog
A two-bit Horace lamenting the fleeting years

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