Saturday, October 1, 2016

Guess What

Against the cracked asphalt
of the parking lot,
it's raining
with a persistence
much like the chatter
of a three-year-old child
pulling at sleeves, impatient
to have us grown-ups
guess what.


  1. Ha! I rarely laugh out loud when I'm reading alone in a room, but your last line did it for me. There's much bad free verse out there; this poem employs free verse to perfect effect. Part of the laugh was at myself, because no one reading this poem is going to expect to see the last line reflect the title with childlike lack of subtlety (which is actually subtlety and craft on your part, since you're not a child).

    I always worry that I come off as so serious online, so permit me to end this comment with the only response that actually suits my true maturity level: "chicken butt!"

    1. Chicken? But ....

      (Sorry!) And thank you for your wonderful comment! Your kind words gladden, and I'm very happy that the poem inspired such a positive response! (Sometimes, I never know if I'm hitting or missing -- so thank you once again.)



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