Thursday, November 24, 2016

Autumn Leaves

Some cheer fresh green instead of autumn leaves:
Me, I'm enchanted by the red
of autumn leaves.

You're so lovely, so fire-bright, so vivid!
(All the things I said
to autumn leaves.)

It's such a good feeling to know you're alive
sang Mister Rogers, the Fred
of autumn leaves.

If I were sleepy, I'd bundle up, lie down,
ensconce me in a bed
of autumn leaves.

I bang the keyboard in a righteous fury,
commenting on the thread
of autumn leaves!

Floridians sojourning in New England
are struck still by the dread
of autumn leaves.

The first Saturday night of November
we fall back (we don't spring ahead!)
with autumn leaves.

High-priestess of code-writing, tech-whiz,
hit me with hex-colors! Embed
the autumn leaves.

Dylan Thomas wrote "In the White Giant's Thigh"
-- beery and brash in the shed
of autumn leaves.

A tawny tomcat slinks between the trees,
sleek furry quadruped
of autumn leaves.

In Hyannis it's football with the Kennedys:
Jack and Bobby and Ted
in autumn leaves.

I love these mornings lively with bright chill;
Mount Pleasant garlands the dead
with autumn leaves.

Thomas, old rake! You'll live to see the day
when Xanadu is carpeted
with autumn leaves.

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