Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Rain

Pluck me a tune on your lyre about the rain!
Let curious minds inquire
of summer rain.

July's skyscape is scurrilous with clouds:
what weird thoughts they inspire
of summer rain!

Unseen forces have driven dull spring roots
to quicken memory, to stir desire
for summer rain.

Have you loosened the bands of Orion?
Who is the snowflake's mother? the sire
of summer rain?

Thunder blasts, lightning flares, floods drench:
streetwalkers adorn their attire
with summer rain.

Sages and masters, teach me the sweet truth
that heaven is someplace higher
than summer rain.

Poets, pursue disreputable muses
into the murk and mire
of summer rain!

Drinkers of gin nursing their martinis
are wishing for something drier
than summer rain.

This morning I hear an impromptu concert
of timeless songbirds: a choir
in summer rain.

During the season of lavish monsoons,
all rivers swell, all straits are dire
with summer rain.

Tommy, old pal, old buddy, go for the gusto!
Sing like a bard on a wire
in summer rain!

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